ProDoc - Project Documentation

ProDoc - Project Documentation


Designing simple solutions to complex problems…

Anybody who has ever worked on a security project knows the tedious task of documenting a security project, from the initial design and layout to the Operation and Maintenance Manuals that you are required to provide at the end.

What if there was a program that allowed you to quickly build a security project and document the project all at the same time.  ProDoc allows you to do this.  No more re-creating the wheel for each project. Standardize spreadsheets and no more bulky Operations and Maintenance Manuals,

ProDoc was created to document all aspects of a security system installation.  Not only from the layout of the system but all the documentation such as catalog cuts, operation manuals, Cad drawings (in PDF format), Vendor listings, etc...

Prodoc provides security system documentation for the different aspects of a security system installation, Listed below are some of the systems and features of ProDoc.

  • Door Control Systems - Particularly used in detention type systems
  • Camera Systems
  • Audio Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Card Access Systems (geared around Mercury hardware)
  • TCPIP Listings for entire system
  • Photo Log
  • Vendor lookup for all manufacturers or companies who provided services or products for the project
  • PDF Listings for head end equipment
  • Note Logs for each device entered

When the project is complete it can be install on a system administrators PC at the site for future reference by service technicians or facility maintenance personnel.

ProDoc is a licensed product to prevent illegal copies being made and to protect customer assets.

For a demonstration of ProDoc, download a thirty day trial now.

To show you what ProDoc has to offer, below are some of the screen shots for the Camera listings and its related listings and entries:

Camera Listings

The camera listing screen provides a complete camera list that is color coded for the different types of communication types, i.e. Coax, Cat5 cable, Multi Mode Fiber, Single Mode Fiber, & Other. 

The screen is broken down into five sections:

Camera Information Detail

Once all of the details are collected, a site map has been designed and you have approved your site architecture we move into the design phase. The design phase typically takes around three weeks total. It involves creation of the design concept(s), presentation of the design concept(s) to you, and any necessary revisions. We work hard to create custom designs that are unique to each of our clients. As you will see in looking through our portfolio your design will be one of a kind.

Camera List

Update Screen


Not every project is the same but ProDoc offers entry options for most aspects of a camera system to document each cameras installation.  Camera entries can be done individually with this update screen or a camera spreadsheet (formatted in Excel) can be imported into ProDoc for mass entries and updates.

Camera PDF Listings Update Screen

Not every camera install is the same type or install the same way PDF Lookups can be set up to provide PDF look ups for the following:

  • Catalog cut of camera. 
  • Installation Manuals
  • User Manuals
  • Mounting bracket catalog cut for the type of mount used.
  • Transmission equipment such as:
    • Fiber Modems
    • Twisted pair modules
    • CAT5 Extenders
    • Wireless
    • etc...
  • Network switch type
  • Hook up drawings for both the field and head end equipment rack
  • Any related PDF can be associated with each camera for future lookup.

This is particularly helpful when having to service a camera to know what the equipment particulars are for the camera

Camera PDF entries can be done individually with this update screen or a camera PDF spreadsheet (formatted in Excel) can be imported into ProDoc for mass entries and updates.

Camera Note Log Update Screen


Notes can be entered in for each camera installed.  This provides a historical documentation of what took place during the installation.  It is also good for keeping track of problems to note any recurring issues. Each entry will be Date/Time stamped on the initial entry. The note entries also have visual indication such as a status selection to note the importance of the note entered and a check box to indicate if the entry needs a follow up.

Camera Presets Update Screen

PTZ cameras can be programmed with preset positions that upon an alarm activation the camera can be panned, tilted, and zoomed in on an preset location/object such as a door...  Cameras can be programmed with multiple presets. If a camera is ever replaced the presets will need to be setup again.  Many VMS systems are programmed to activate a preset on a camera when an alarm is received. This is a quick and easy way to document the presets programmed for future reference.


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